Insight_2nd Edition

Second Edition | Marquis Who ’ s Who Insight 13 Imogene Mathison Mixson, PhD Academic Dean Wallace State Community College Ozark, AL How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved over time? Through the years, the educational industry has changed dramatically with the expanded use of technology in the teaching and learning process, enabling educators to employ appropriate strategies to accommodate diverse teaching and learning styles. What are two key behaviors/personality traits that allow you to be effective in your role? One key trait was my sincere belief that each individual, student or colleague, had significant qualities and abilities to use for the common good. A major part of my role was to discover and develop these assets. A second trait was my strong work ethic that enabled me to devote the effort, energy, and enthusiasm necessary to make positive differences each day. WilliamA. Nitze Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Developer, Government Official Senseye Inc. Washington, DC How have you navigated disrup- tions in your industry to remain a top professional? I am involved in three small com- panies that have been successful in raising money and attracting inter- est from outside participants. I try to figure out where I can make con- tributions and hope for the best. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved over time? I am a generalist. I have some talent for connecting things and ideas and people. The people who really suc- ceed in anything have dedicated thousands of hours of concentrated work on every level. You have to have a level of discipline and focus, and a willingness to take risks. What excites you the most about your industry? I amengaged in issues that are really important. If I can help students think through how they are going to shape their futures at George Mason, even if I can help only three or four or five of them, that’s an accomplishment. Ronald H. Miller, PhD President Ronald H. Miller, PhD LLC Saint Louis, MO How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top pro- fessional? Mostly by continuing my education either formally or informally. What are two key behaviors/personal- ity traits that allow you to be effective in your role? Curiosity and asking questions. Also, the ability to be detail oriented. Clients trust me because I demonstrate competence. What is the most important issue/challenge you are dealing with in your industry right now? The CARES Act that Congress recently passed. This law is very new, but it will affect my clients. I will need to be very proactive to do the appropriate research and attend relevant webinars to stay on top of new changes such as these in tax law.