Insight_2nd Edition

Second Edition | Marquis Who ’ s Who Insight 7 Susan J. Leclair, PhD, CLS (NCA) Chancellor Professor Emerita, UMass Dartmouth Dartmouth, MA How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top professional? I considered every change to be a challenge. This is the way that I have run my life. Things happen and you can either stop living or you go on, even if it’s one step at a time. The most important thing is to keep going. You either make lemonade or sink in the lemons. What is the most important issue/challenge you are dealing with in your industry right now? I would say administrators who don’t know how to administrate or lead. When the goal is antithetical to the mis- sion of the institution – for example, income verses education or failing to address the inequality of health care – the ultimate mission of the hospital or university is corrupt. What new innovations or technologies do you feel will shape the future of your industry? As we learn more about the effects of damage to the human genome, the laboratory is going to be involved in inquisitively sensitive test performance and interpretation. Similarly, at the university, as we get a more and more diverse population – not just geographical diversity, but people with various learning disorders, returning students, and people with very different life experiences, such as former military people – that level of personal- ization becomes important. Anthony D. Parone, Esq. Attorney at Law Niagara Falls, NY How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top professional? I have achieved more than five decades of experience in the legal field, so over the years, it’s been important for me to shift focus and remain updated to stay sharp. I have operated in private practice in Niagara Falls, but have also gained valuable experience for firms in Buffalo, New York, and Los Angeles, California. What are two key behaviors/personality traits that allow you to be effective in your role? I have always made an effort to realize support from strong mentors, including my uncle and Jack E. Gellman, a partner at Gellman & Gellman. I also exhibit care for my clients and business associates, which is exceptionally important in the legal field. What excites you the most about your industry? Law is always changing. I have had a lot of opportunities over the years in terms of my education and professional associations and affiliations. Collaboration in all aspects has proved invaluable, so as long as legal professionals continue to work in this way, exciting things are ahead.