Insight_3rd Edition

Third Edition | Marquis Who ’ s Who Insight 11 Dr. Allan P. Gold, NCSP District Psychologist Reed Union School District San Francisco, CA What is the most important issue/ challenge you are dealing with in your industry right now? Educating kids while maintaining their mental health during the pandemic. Challenges for students include maintaining engagement in distance learning, having access to the internet, and contending with racial and socioeconomic differences. Distance learning is impacting mental health everywhere, especially urban areas where kids don’t have the resources. What excites you the most about your industry? The opportunity for education about anti-racism and developing critical thinking. It is the job of schools to teach young people that they cannot believe everything that they hear or read, and to develop critical-think- ing skills. Lisa Chiu Logistics Officer Intelligence Community U.S. Federal Government New York, NY How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top pro- fessional? In the intelligence community, we don’t have the need to be publically recognized. We all believe in what we are doing to support the mission and our country. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved over time? There is more diversity and the industry is more accessible now to women and people of color. Knowing a foreign language is very valued, and we have learned to become adaptable. What new innovations or technologies do you feel will shape the future of your industry? More language translation software programs because there is a huge shortage of skilled language officers. Also, there is a need for more training and funding to develop new software programs. Linda S. Fifer Speech Pathologist (Retired) Community Medical Center Hamilton, MT listee-features/linda-fife How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top pro- fessional? Disruptions usually mean that there is a change in Medicare funding, hospital administration, or goals that the hospital wants to meet. When there was a change of administration, I did my best to come up with a plan on how to work under new constraints. What is the most important issue/challenge you are dealing with in your industry right now? I think it would be timely to say the restrictions regarding COVID-19 are probably the most challenging because when we wear masks, we can’t see what people are saying. Many stroke patients need visual feedback from a mouth and face. If they can’t see those things because they are covered with a mask, it’s a hindrance.