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Prof. Stephen A. Greyser Business and Marketing Educator Harvard Business School Boston, MA “Known as the Cal Ripken of the Harvard Busi- ness School, in over 50 years of teaching he has never missed a class.” The last line of emeri- tus professor Stephen A. Greyser’s Harvard Business School (HBS) bio symbolizes both his own brand identity and his institutional loyalty. Prof. Greyser is the Richard P. Chapman Profes- sor (marketing/communications) at HBS, where he earned an MBA and DBA after his Harvard College AB. Widely recognized as an authority in corporate branding and corporate communications, Prof. Greyser was trained in consumer behavior by renowned social psychologist, Raymond A. Bauer, his intellectual mentor. At HBS, Prof. Greyser also served as editorial board chairman of the Harvard Business Review, for which he had been an editor prior to his HBS teaching career. He was the longest- serving executive director of the Marketing Science Institute, then associated with HBS, a global research entity bridging the academic and practice worlds. He was Warsaw Distinguished Visiting Professor at Oregon and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at several institutions, including Boston University College of Communication. Prof. Greyser is responsible for 17 books, numerous professional journal articles and over 300 published HBS cases. He created two HBS MBA electives, in corporate communications and sports business, and was the only HBS professor to teach two of his own courses the same year. The sports business course was the first at any leading business school. Earlier, he co-created an HBS elective on arts administration, as well as two books and a recent chapter on museum sponsorship. His books include the co-authored “Revealing the Corporation” and “Cases in Advertising and Communications Management.” His most recent HBR article (co-authored in 2019) treats corporate branding and identity. Recent HBS cases (co-authored) are on The Nobel Foundation, the #MeToo movement and the Swedish Academy (involving his concept of “reputational contagion”), the Bundesliga’s U.S. TV plans, and the community philanthropy program of the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning. His recent research includes the pioneering collaborative study of monarchies as corporate brands (with invited interviews with the