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Shannon A. Schunicht Philosophy/Political Scientist, Biologist/ Microbiologist, Army Officer (Retired) Orlando, FL Mr. Schunicht is a retired Army Infantry officer, who recovered from an unusual, fatal mid-air collision during his seven-year service in the armed forces (1LT(R), IN). The accident involved an airplane landing on top of Mr. Schunicht’s plane while performing a long/low approach at an uncontrolled airport (Draughon-Miller) in Temple, Texas. Although he had no aca- demic aspirations other than an Army career, Mr. Schunicht studied philosophy and political science at Florida State University (FSU) (’83 BA). He attended the U.S. Army Ranger School in lieu of U.S. Army Advanced Camp. His first attempt to become a Ranger was unsuccessful (10-82 and 11-82), but he was commissioned to attend the Ranger course (13-83) again with other infantry officers after completing the Infantry Office Basic Course (IOBC). Unfortunately, Mr. Schunicht’s military aspirations were interrupted by his fatal mid-air collision on active duty. After being hospitalized for more than six months, he developed medical ambitions. A VA vocational rehabilitation counselor suggested he study microbiology at Texas A&M University (’94 BA biology and BS microbiology). This was particularly difficult after being in a three-week coma; however physics (PHY 201 and 202) were required for graduation from Texas A&M, and this meant that he had to memorize countless complex formulas, most of which were completely new to him. To compensate, Mr. Schunicht developed a mnemonic technique (vowels: mathematical operations) in the spirit of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). Examples include an acronym for the Quadratic Formula with ADDITIONAL CONSONANTS (exCePT i buiLD rabbiTS 4 caTS oN 2 HaTS). Mr. Schunicht lectures regularly at American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) conventions across the country. While lecturing in Syracuse, he was televised by WTVH and was able to share . Using his mnemonic technique, any formula can be algebraically manipulated into memorable word(s) for easy recollection.