Insight_4th Edition

Fourth Edition | Marquis Who’s Who Insight 11 Abigail Nowlin Crawford Author, Consultant ANC Focus Consulting Services, LLC College Park, GA www.whoswhoofprofessionalwomen. com/listee-features/abigail-crawford How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top professional? I had a very supportive staff. I chose people who I knew were effective working in the specific areas to which I was going to assign them. Also, leadership was very supportive of what I was trying to do. What are two key behaviors/personality traits that allow you to be effective in your role? I am an easygoing person, and I walked in a teacher’s shoes and understood what they were going through. I love thekidsandalways told them that they came first, regardless of what we were doing and regardless of where they came from. There were hard days, but teaching was always something I looked forward to doing because I was helping somebody. I wanted to give back. The Hon. Samuel L. Bufford Philosophy and Law Professor, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, Lawyer Central District of California Keystone, CO How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? When I was first appointed, everything that came to the court was on paper. My typical reading for the week would be a half-dozen stacks of paper. I had a law clerk and several law students working with me. They would come and spend the semester and get credits for their efforts. One of the things I would have them do is summarize the papers. I would be able to get through them every week that way. What innovations or technologies do you feel will shape the future of your industry? Computers are having a substantial impact. All court proceedings are recorded, but getting transcripts from the recordings has become a lot easier now because of the software that produces written transcripts. Michael A. Cervantes Elementary School Educator (Retired) El Rancho Unified School District San Gabriel, CA What are two key behaviors/personality traits that allow you to be effective in your role? The students that I worked with were low-income and from minority groups. I related to these students through my own experience. English is my second language; Spanish is my first. I was fortunate enough to be successful despite the odds against me. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? Technology has been useful. Once computers were introduced, I became the resource person for technology. As tech advanced, the district started using it for attendance and payroll. When a student would undergo language arts testing, they would do so on the computer and then the results could be passed along to parents.