Insight 5th Ed._Alice J. Olson

Albert N. Marquis January 10, 1855 – December 21, 1943 Albert Nelson Marquis was a Chicagobased publisher best known for creating the Who’s Who book series, which began with Who’s Who in America, first published in 1899. Marquis was born in Decatur, Ohio, and raised by his maternal grandparents in nearby Hamersville. At age 21, he founded A.N. Marquis & Company in Cincinnati and moved to Chicago in 1884. His early publications included guidebooks, directories, and maps. Marquis was the sole owner of Who’s Who until 1926 and remained involved as editor-in-chief until 1940. In the years since Albert Nelson Marquis established the Who’s Who brand, the advancement of technology has provided enhanced methods for forging professional connections and sharing information with a worldwide audience. Marquis Who’s Who has taken steps to harness the power of such methods to offer fresh and impactful digital and web-based services for listees to network, communicate their personal brands, and share their professional legacies. Marquis caters to a diverse listee base, which has led to the establishment of a broad array of products, including: