Insight 5th Ed._Roger Austin Newell

Fifth Edition Marquis Who’s Who INSIGHT 19 CHARLOTTE A. YOUNGBERG, PHD, THD, DD Director of Special Education (Retired) Verona Public Schools Verona, MO What is the most important issue/challenge you are dealing with in your industry? It is very difficult to get bus drivers right now, with COVID-19 still going around. The schools have to reroute drivers and increase the number of miles where they will pick up children. Sometimes it is very difficult to get teachers for certain areas, too. It has been difficult to get substitute teachers because of the virus. Overall, I was becoming concerned about the difference in family units. There are many more children with unstable homes and less supervision. We finally started serving breakfast at school because kids were coming to school without having breakfast, coats or other primary necessities. The school I was in was passing bond issues for rebuilding and trying to have smaller class sizes — they were doing everything they could to try and better themselves, and I was impressed with that, given we’re in such a small town. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? It has been remarkable, especially since schools are realizing that children learn differently. Some children learn better visually, and others with audio. Things have to be presented to young children in a different manner and repeated consistently. They used to say that for the average child to learn to read, they had to see a word 25 times. For children with disabilities, they may have to be presented with words more often than that. Teachers have to provide sounds and blending to help them break words apart and give them time to get past that first hurdle. CHARLES VERNONWILLIAMS III Master Sergeant (Retired) United States Air Force Dayton, OH How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top professional? I started teaching before I concluded my time in the military because I had started my master’s. I taught for five years at Capital University in Columbus, while also working at Sinclair Community College. Later, I was hired by the Dayton Public Schools, where I was the director of logistical support services. I ultimately stayed with the board of education for 20-21 years. What is the most important issue/challenge you are dealing with in your industry? Representation. Students wanted answers to a lot of different things, and sometimes that was a challenge because trying to explain certain items at their education level could be difficult. I didn’t mind spending time with folks, though, since it would relieve me of tasks I had to do. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? Computers and cell phones changed a lot of things. When I got out of the military, there were no computers. What excites you the most about your industry? In order to keep things going without creating a problem, I decided to stick around for another year as treasurer. I am ready to fully retire, though, and return to my hobby of photography.