Insight 5th Ed._Roger Austin Newell

20 Fifth Edition Marquis Who’s Who INSIGHT HEATHER BORTNICK President Koehler Bortnick Team Leawood, KS How have you navigated disruptions in your industry to remain a top professional? Consistency is the number one reason we have been able to sustain. Even when it’s not a challenging market, we still spend marketing dollars. How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? When I started, we didn’t have cell phones or the internet — we had MLS books. I would go out and view properties. Now, with the internet, it’s really the buyers that drive the market, not the agents. What excites you the most about your industry? The fact that every day is different and that I get the opportunity to go into beautiful homes and work for fabulous people. It’s always changing and evolving, and it’s never boring. TREVOR A. BROWN President, Chief Executive Officer HB Retrofit Kennesaw, GA What are two key behaviors/personality traits that allow you to be effective in your role? I’m open to listening and gathering information before making decisions. What innovations or technologies do you feel will shape the future of your industry? When others hear the words “LED picture,” they don’t always understand the concept. They might think of strip lights, which are seen on buildings. When I deliver pictures and show them what I’m talking about, and in some cases do sample installations, they’re often surprised. What excites you the most about your industry? The way the market and customers are responding to LED products. I think we are just scraping the surface, in terms of insolating LEDs. It’s a very exciting time to be in the business. PETER W. CURRERI, MD Health Facility Administrator (Retired) Strategem of Alabama Inc. Spanish Fort, AL press-release/481541 How do you feel your industry has changed/evolved? I started at The University of Texas at San Antonio as an assistant professor and later went to the University of Washington in Seattle as an associate professor and Cornell University as a full professor. I think what changed over that period of time was the lack of interest in research. People tended to concentrate more on clinical teaching, probably because of the increased demand for clinical work as departments grew. What excites you the most about your industry? I enjoyed teaching medical students and residents and working with my colleagues in research and clinical services. I also enjoyed segmenting a department of surgery into eight divisions and building them into independent entities.